About Us

In 2013 we started off small, selling sheepskins and cowhides. The responses on this made us as young entrepreneurs very enthusiastic. which made get us further into the preparation of rest products from animals.

We sell sheepskins, cowhides, skulls, horns and other animal products.
The animals are not slaughtered especially for their skins. We buy these skins and other animal products at slaughterhouses as rest products and give these rest products a second life by recycling them to new products, for instance as a decoration or as a living accessory. So sheepskins are sustainable products.

Because we buy them straight from the slaughterhouses we have the entire production in our own hands. For the tanning process we have different methods. In this case we ended up by a natural tanner in Poland. They deliver excellent work for us so we give them a fair price for the production process. We go and get the product by ourselves in Poland every single month. This way we can supervise the whole tanning process to our own Euroskins standards.

• Our main purpose is to deliver a great and fair product.

•With a daily available customer service.

• And a clear straightforward website.

We are a young company, within the scope of VAT, enlisted in the Chamber of Commerce (and we import from several countries)

All the products that we sell are natural products. The colours of products in the pictures could diverge from the actual product because every product is unique. In the product description are the starting sizes noted.



We have the unique products for your company.